Monday, April 18, 2011

A Visit To Detective Chang Apana's Grave

Manoa Chinese Cemetery
Detective Chang Apana's Grave Site
A View Of Waikiki From The Cemetery

It is very difficult to find Detective Chang Apana's grave site in the Manoa Chinese Cemetery, so I prepared a video that literally walks you to his grave.  The area in which Chang Apana is buried is well maintained, but this was not the case in 1982 when, with great difficulty, I first located the site.  Read this post: Yours Truly At Detective Chang Apana's Grave In 1982  If you are a visitor who is staying in Waikiki, it is very easy to get to the Manoa Chinese Cemetery by bus.  Go to Kuhio avenue, and take the number 13 bus going east.  Get off at the University of Hawaii, then transfer to the number 6.  That will take you up to the cemetery.  Safe journeys to all the fans of Charlie Chan's Hawaii, wherever you may be.


  1. Excellent video. Here is another similar one you might appreciate. Both guys from the same era.

    1. Hi Boston Blackie,

      Thank you very much for the cool link to the Bing Crosby video! Thank you for visiting Charlie Chan's Hawaii.

      With a hug,


    2. His grandson couldnt find the grave. This video will assist.

    3. I am always happy to help. This video will point you directly to Chang Apana's grave.