Monday, July 12, 2010

Honolulu Police Department's Dectectives (1911)

This picture of the Honolulu Police Department's detectives was taken on August 6, 1911.  It is a very rare photograph.  I discovered this photo in 1982 when I was doing my original research on Chang Apana.  No one knew about this picture until I found it.  The photo of Chang Apana that is featured on the first post in this blog, was also discovered by me. In 1982, with the help of several retired policemen, I was able to identify some of those pictured above.  They are as follows:

Front row, 2nd from left:  John Kellett
Front row, Extreme Right:  Chang Apana
Second Row, Extreme Left:  Juan Oxiles, who incidentally was the departments fingerprint expert.
Second Row, 3rd from Left:  Joseph Moon
Second Row, 4th from left:  Kam Kwai


  1. John Kellett is my Great Grand Father

  2. That is so cool. Please get in touch with me as I would like to ask you some questions about your grandfather.

    -Gilbert Martines
    Charlie Chan's Hawaii