Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Detective Joe Lum - Redux

HPD Officers Slain In The Line Of Duty, Abraham E. Mahiko (left) and Andrew R. Morales (right).
As fate would have it, within hours of my posting of the Detective Joe Lum interview, I received an email from one of the daughters of the slain Honolulu police officers (Abraham E. Mahiko and Andrew R. Morales) .  She was doing a Google search on her father's name, this is something that she does from time-to-time, and bingo, my blog post about her father popped up.  Even after all those years, she still had unanswered questions about her father's untimely death while serving in the line of dutyHer mother was pregnant with her when her father was slain, and because of this, throughout the years, his death has haunted her.  She requested a copy of the complete interview.  I was reluctant to give it to her, as it was very, very graphic in its detail.  I told her about my concerns, but she insisted, despite my apprehensions and misgivings, that she needed to have a copy.  Well, I know that I am an old fool, but I wept when I was editing the interview.  I wept for the slain officers and their families.  I just finished the final digitizing of it and I uploaded a copy of the interview to her, so that she could listen to it before anybody else.  The recording has important life lessons for all of us.


  1. Hi my Name is Desiree Villanueva im writting to you beacuse the guy you interviewed Detective Joe Lum is my Great Grandpa. I wanted to know if you have any other taped interviews with him that I would love to listen to and also if I am able to meet you in person. Please let me know
    Thank you

  2. Hi Desiree,

    I can give you a complete, unedited copy of the Detective Joe Lum interview. It would be on two CDs as it is very long. It's about two hours in length. I gave a copy of it to your cousin Derek Harbottle several months ago, but I would be more than happy to make copies for you also. It is a great interview, and at one point you can also hear you great grandmother's voice when she comes to bring us some refreshments. You can reach me at this email address: I'll give you my phone number when you email me I'm looking forward to hearing, and meeting you. Your grandfather was a great and amazing guy. I visited with him quite a few times at his home on the hills above Kaimuki.

    With a hug,