Thursday, July 1, 2010

Chang Apana - Heart Of A Lion

I just received in the mail a CD of a new radio play called, "Chang Apana: Heart Of A Lion", that was produced by the American Radio Theater.  It is an awesome production!  The radio play was written by Joy Jackson and produced by David Van Meeter.  The original music was composed by Kory Tideman.  This production was actually performed live on March 21, 2009, at Pioneer Hall, Seattle Washington.  I think that it's really amazing that so much "local color" was imbued into this radio play, even though it was created and produced on the mainland.  Joy Jackson has captured, magnificently, the essence of Detective Chang Apana.  By-the-way, Joy Jackson is the producer and president of the American Radio Theater. To hear a short excerpt of "Chang Apana: Heart Of A Lion", please click on this link: Chang Apana - Heart Of A Lion

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