Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Black Camel (1931)

It was in 1931, during the filming of "The Black Camel" in Honolulu, that Chang Apana posed with Warner Oland for this really cool photo. Ian Kagimoto, who is Chang Apana's grandson, is a custodian of Apana artifacts. He has in his possession a copy of the Apana-Oland photograph shown above, that contains this inscription on the bottom: "To my dear friend, Charlie Chang, 'the bravest of all' with best of luck from the new 'Charlie Chan,' Warner Oland".
The Apana-Oland photograph was provided to me by the thoughtful courtesy of Dr. Howard M. Berlin, author of the following books: "The Charlie Chan Film Encyclopedia", "Charlie Chan's Words and Wisdom", and "The Complete Mr. Moto Film Phile: A Casebook".